Offering genealogy research services focusing in the Heartland (Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, etc)

887fdb1b80835e2212c7cb1244996938Some things I can help you with:

-Locate records for an ancestor
-Research articles or locate obituaries in newspapers (mostly online repositories)
-Research details of specific ancestors
-Help with a brick walls (we all have them)
-Visit cemeteries; take pictures
-Develop research plan
-Research particular building/home historyDone
-Anything else related to genealogy

Consider me your personal genealogical research assistant, your partner in history crime, your sherpa through the genealogically cluttered mountains, your genealogical BFF…(too far?). Ok, I’ll stick with being your personal genealogical research assistant in the Omaha, Nebraska area (emphasis on area…I love a good road trip!).

My name is Amy (nee Barritt) Leibman and I’ve been working on my own genealogy for nearly 20 years. I’m an investigator by nature (and part of my career) so researching for me is fun and I love walking into libraries or archives knowing that I mind find SOMETHING about an ancestor regardless if it’s mine or someone else’s.

Let me help you with finding the journey that started before you.

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John and Lois Ellicott Brooks



Genealogy sometimes yields some funny stuff. This is my great-grandmother Lois Leona Ellicott playfully threatening to chop off her future husband and my future great-grandfather James Clifford Brooks’ head off about 1920.

At least I hope she was playing…that grin though.





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