I should be making cupcakes…

I really should be doing something else right now. I need to make cupcakes for Easter tomorrow but that’s all the way over in the kitchen. All.the.way.over.THERE. I think I need a snack to make the long and arduous journey down the hall. *Sigh* I must do this. I CAN do this! Where’s my fortifying stash of jellybeans?

I’ve had the idea of creating my own little hobby/business for awhile now. I’ll go into more details later; however, ultimately, I love history and genealogy research. I’ve been working on my own family for almost 20 years and I don’t think I’ll ever be done. An answer found leads to 19 other questions. But that’s ok, I love the hunt.

A few months ago, I helped an online friend with her own genealogy. I used to wonder if I would enjoy working on someone else’s family tree and came to the conclusion that I probably wouldn’t. I mean, why would I care about someone whom I’m not related to? But she wanted some help and so I did because I’m nice like that. Verdict: finding her family history was just as much fun as finding my own. Investigating, researching, and finding things is just fun (nerd alert!). So, the idea was born. Why not help other people out with their research? I have time on my hands. Ok, so maybe that time should be spent making cupcakes for Easter and such but I have time where others don’t. Why not do what I love doing?

When I’ve accomplished Easter cupcakes and maybe, I dunno, take a shower or something, I’ll come back and go more into my philosophies and plan. I’m not ready to go full on public with this but I figured “why not blabber about this whole thing?”. So, get ready y’all. I’m gonna lay my philosophy of genealogy and life in general.

A little hint from a guy who said it way more professionally than I could have dreamed:



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